8 Easy Ways To Make Your Skin Naturally Glow



Everyone wants to get fairer smoother and glowing skin.. It’s the everyone desire to look prefect..in todays time when pollution is more is very hard to take care of skin.. And our skin needs more attention and more care.. We need extra care for our skin to look flawless, glowing or beautiful.. We can use the chemical product to take care of our skin.. But its effects for some time.. Natural product have more long lasting effect and good for skin..

Here we discuss some natural tips to make your skin soother flawless and glowing

Honey and lemon


Make a solution of honey and lemon.. Take a one tablespoon of honey and half tablespoon of lemon.. Mis it well and apply this mask on your moisten face and leave it for 20 min.. Then wash out your face with Luke warm water.. Lemon is act line a bleaching agent and honey make your skin glowing and free from scars and soften the skin.. So don’t waste your time and money in salon just give them try on all these natural products..



Oats act like a great scrubber and make your skin smoother and healthier.. It removes all dirt from your pores and make your skin smooth.. It helps to remove dead cells, dirt and extra oil from your face…

Take one tablespoon of oats add some luke warm water in it
Then make a paste and rub it on your face for 5 minutes.
It will help you to remove your blackhead.. And then wash it with cold water..
It makes your skin smoother and fairer.



Take a tomato and use a pulp of tomato..
Rub it for 15 min..
Then wash it with cold water..
It act like a bleaching agent and help you to remove the scars and make your tone faire..

Ice cube


Rub an ice cube on face to improve the blood circulation.. While you going for a party rub a ice cube on your face. It will helps you to stay your makeup long lasting, and also will prevent your makeup to smudge in your skin..
Rub a ice cube to put few drops of any oil will give you the instant glow to your skin…

Papaya and honey


Take a piece of papaya and mash it with the help of fork or blender.. Then take a tablespoon of honey..mix both the ingredient ..
And make a paste.. Then wash your face then apply this paste on your face and wash it in 20 mins. It helps you to glowing your skin..

Fuller earth

Take a tablespoon of fuller earth and some water or rose water in it ..
Then make a paste and apply it on your face… Wash the mask when its wet don’t let it dry.. It makes your face more glower..

Olive oil


Take a few drops of olive oil and put it on your cheekbone where you apply the blushers. It will gives you instant glow .. You can also use the coconut oil as well.

Banana and oil mask


Take a banana and mash it with the help of fork or blender.. Mind it that banana should be ripen else it will not stick on your face.. Then mix few drops of olive oil or any other vegetable oil.. And apply this mask on face and wash your face after 20 mins with help or normal tab water.

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