Amazing Female Characters Of Bollywood Movies


Indian film industry has always been a male-dominated territory. Although there have been leading ladies who hold their own and command equal respect from the industry people, it is more or less a men’s playing field. However, there still have been plenty of times when the female characters have come out to be quite stronger than their male counterparts. These female characters have stayed in the memory of people long after their movies have been released.

This list is a of all the amazing female characters of bollywood that could give their male counterparts a run for their money.

#1. Rani in Queen

This is one character that sparked a fresh wave of feminism in the mainstream Indian mindset. It not only inspired women, but also the younger girls to find their true selves and not get bogged down under any kind of social pressure. The character is shown as naïve and scared at first. But when she is left by her would-be groom on her wedding day, she decides enough is enough, and goes for her honeymoon alone to Paris. Once in Paris, she sees the world without any inhibitions and becomes her own person.

#2. Geet in Jab We Met

She is portrayed as a feisty live wire who does not feel embarrassed about speaking her mind. She is also shown as a person with a lot of self-respect. She also bears the consequences of her actions and thinks the world of her family. To save her parents embarrassment, she runs off in the hope of finding her lover and persuading him to accompany her back to her village. Despite being rejected by her lover, she rises up to the occassion and starts living on her own.